Where to Play Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go becomes a familiar game with a lot of people at that time. So what will be the interesting thing of Pokemon? Why do many people love that game and spend a big time on working hard with that game?

Let’s look at the game in detail and find some good place for this game. The game always bring many new thing to new people. Working hard with that game and enjoy the good Poke.

Oh, yes, this game contains some activities of catching, hatching, evolving, etc some Pokemon; therefore, this game seems to be exciting and exists some curious things.

Catching Poke and level up your result requires some effective methods of finding Poke. You should plan a good destination with many suitable Poke place

That game should be played outside where the people will have a large environment; the people then can choose some particular places depending some types of Pokemon. With some Water-type Pokemon, the people should choose some lakes, oceans, etc.

Obviously, the correct Pokémon Go hack will appear those places and you will be easy to catch them. With some Pokestops, the people can find Poke at museum, art installations, and historical markers, monuments. These public place will be good start for you to find Poke with little experience.

Pokémon Go

In these place, you also have some techniques to limit some unnecessary place so that you can catch Poke faster with less effort. Depending on your purpose, you should take a long time in a particle place with a particular Poke so that you will focus on that task more and get more good numbers of Poke.

Focusing a place for a long time, you can be more familiar with the Poke styles and have more experience in catching more Poke. That will be very essential to have the expected Poke with a place.

It is very advisable that you are in some places for a long time than a short time. The result will answer to that.

Boom Beach Hack

Free Online Boom Beach Hack

In the creation of Boom Beach, Supercell took what was working it its previous games clash of clans and HayDay, put a modern skin, and feel to it. Like all the previous games produced by the company, this one too has an approachable and well polished design.

Before downloading the game, one is allowed to look through the playing tutorials that give a player an over view of how it feels to upgrade their base and branch out from it and attack other players who are scattered across the map to win more territory.

The game is played in a beautiful yet unexplored archipelago where the players are required to fight to gain each new beach that they wish to possess. After winning the beach, the player can then release the captured islanders. These actions by themselves make a player feel like a hero.

Where to Download a Free Boom Beach Hack?

For children most especially, they feel like they are among the many heroes they watch saving people on TV. Boom-Beach-Hack requires that a player knows how to train their own troop and how to plan to attack or fight attacks. As one is playing, they find themselves concerned about the assaults as much as they would about their own troop.

Boom Beach Hack

While gold is the easiest medal to gain, it is the toughest to use. Wood is an essential medal required in building and as a weapon too. There are feature that allow a gamer to see how they fought and how they were defeated. This feature is particularly useful when players are getting their assaults.

It allows one to come up with new battle strategies and learn what not to do in the next battle. The game has many levels, it continues to grow in difficulty, and the requirements for a person to win are not as simple as when one first begins the game.

Hay Day Reviewed

What is Hay Day?

Hay Day is a ‘freemium’ farming game for mobiles which was developed and produced by Supercell, it was first released in 2012 for IOS and in 2013 for Android. In the game, Greg, the player’s uncle is unable to take care of his farm so he delegates the responsibility to the player.

The game begins with a scarecrow orienting the player on how to harvest wheat. By sale of goods, the player earns coins which are used in buying production buildings, décor and experience points which level up.

Hay Day

Players form neighborhoods where members can help each other and can use chit chats. It is a place out of this world where crops never die and it never rains. Besides the neighbors, sharing your farm with the quirky animals just adds more fun!

I will outline the game’s features in a nutshell;

  • You can grow and customize your farm.
  • You can meet your orders with your steamboat or truck.
  • You can build your own town and welcome visitors.
  • You could own a roadside shop where you sell corps and fresh goods to your neighbors and friends.
  • You could repair your dock and release your lure to the waters to fish.

If you are a fantasy of simulation, Hay Day is eye candy and pleasing to the eyes and will obviously keep your hidden Agriculturist spirit for hours. Watching your crops sprout and your twee plants spew out products is quietly exciting experience.

Hay Day Gameplay

Despite Hay Day being popular and ‘freemium’, if you are not careful, it will cost you a bundle in and purchase. I will give you some tips I have come up with which will make you get ahead of the game without coughing a dime (You can also use some free Hay Day cheats to get a small kickstart). So we start, Hay Day gives you the mandate of rehabilitating a farm that has seen better days.

You grow and harvest corps, rear livestock, and clear land and produce goods which you sell to local consumers to make some profit. Each level comes with new goods you can produce, new livestock and crops and some other goodies which will spice up your farming experience.

Just like most ‘freemium’ games, there is an app purchase mechanism which you can utilize in buying currency in the game, in our case diamonds, which will propel you and assist you get out of the jams.

The Hay Day has fun graphics which are cute and full of character, your livestock will not die if you do not feed them, they will only stop producing! This make its fit for all ages; parents can also exit the in-app purchases easily. Since the game’s release in 2012, Supercell has incrementally issued updates of the game and has also expended Hay Day.

This keeps the game fresh, and give you the assurance that there is always something new waiting around the corner. However, Hay Day does not do that well with its freemium model, however you will not feel pushed to pay provided you are patient! Build and man your own farm in a blissful world where it never rains and a countryside sprinkled with cute animals to rear!

Clash of Clans Features and Gameplay

If you are an online gamer you can agree with me that online gaming comes on different packages and features; there are different categories that users can select from.

Clash of Clans is among the games under action grouping that you should consider adding in your game list. The gameplay involves violence setting with a 9+ rate for players aged beyond 13 years.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Control

Control of CoC involves both attacking and defending strategies. Once the troops have been drilled enough, players can drop their troop on opponent bases with aid of a map. A display at lower side of the screen will be shown for troop selection.

Defending on other hand is simple; it is more of a tower game defense idea. Walls, Cannons and Traps can be used as main barriers to position enemies’ armies in areas they can be easily ambushed by the defense team.

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans hack sur CoCAstuces.fr players are required to create a base and come up with a strong team to fight their enemies. As the game suggests, it’s all about clans that stand against each other for fights. Its structure is based on different levels that have different difficulty heights.

The levels are bronze, silver, gold, masters and champions as from the lowest to the highest level. Its gaming mode has been availed in multiplayer or single player layout.

You will be amazed by the Clash of Clans gems weapon variety. Ranging from traps, wizard towers, archer towers, mortars, cannons to bombs, one may choose the best rooted on the situation or type of barrier faced.

The player has to ensure proper skills are incorporated in use of the weapons. The game has also ensured players are included in setting the game structure; they can build walls in their territories for protection against enemies.

Strategy is the main plan for a successful battle in Clash of Clans. It is all about using the best troop techniques and appropriate weapons. To make the team more potent, the user will have to build clan forts and pick troops from the clan; they further have to be trained. The player will gain trophies from every win; this will in turn aid at raising the game to the next levels.

Trophies can either be dark elixir, gold, elixir and gems. Gems have a special feature which involves online purchase by use of real currency. The game’s graphics have further been boosted by use of different troop classes to select from. Be sure to come across Heroes, Tier (1, 2, 3) and Dark Elixir troop groups. They all have their own functions and abilities.


Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl heeft de beste Clash of Clans cheats. The game’s graphics have been structured to make the game more lively and interesting. Movements are clearly displayed making it easier for players to control them in directions they wish.

Bullets can also be seen when shot and when an opponent is hit, blood is seen spurting. You may think the game is in real life setting. The users have to however endure a 2D display feature.

Final Remarks

This game is inbuilt with high quality and simple to use features. It can therefore be played by both newbies and long term gamers. Nevertheless, multiplayer mode is recommended over single mode as gaming against computer is tougher.

Clash of Clans has basically advanced gaming features for improved consumer experience.